Andy Boura

Technology, science, and business

Information Security Leadership, Technology and Security Architecture, Strategy, Risk Management, Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Management.

About Me

I have a keen interest in emerging science, technology, and start-ups.

Professionally I combine strong business, strategy, and management experience, with depth of knowledge in technology, infrastructure, and software development. This enables me to provide holistic cross-domain enterprise security leadership in complex global environments - empowering organisations to proactively manage technology risk and explore new digital opportunities with increased confidence.

I have progressed through varied roles in Information Security and most software development roles including development manager, team leader, product owner and software engineer (web, server, and embedded).

Academically I have studied post-graduate Physics, and Business; and undergraduate Physics, some Psychology, and some Computer Science.

I have built a portfolio of startups. If you are looking for investment please see my investment thesis.

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Keynote Speaker

I have delivered well-received keynotes to groups of professionals ranging from 20 to 500 people on the topics of information security and emerging technology. I also frequently speak on information security panels at a variety of conferences.

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Author, Advisor, and Investor

I write long-form articles on LinkedIn; I've been among the "Most Viewed Writers" (Top 10) on Quora for a number of topics; and I occasionally contribute to various communities on Stack Exchange.

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Security Leadership

Experienced Director of Information Security. A strategic business perspective supported by deep technical knowledge in secure product development and execution for complex global products supporting billions in revenue.

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Getting in Touch

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn